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About TinyShiny

All TinyShiny products are designed by Little Akiko. Everything is handmade and shipped directly to you.

Where did the Tiny Shiny name come from?

I always liked shiny things and I decided use “shiny” for my jewelry company name. Also I was always attracted by small(tiny) objects, and things that sparkle. So I thought  “tiny” and “shiny” sounded good together. I decided to name my site and company Tiny Shiny.

Origami Earrings

I created my first origami earrings in 1995. I wanted to make something special for my friends. I thought something Japanese would be suitable. I had Origami paper and beads. So I decided to try making jewelry with the materials I had.  I experimented with many different forms.
Finally, I came up the Crane and Fish Earrings. I like small things so I tried to make them as small as possible. This is how I came to create my Origami Crane and Fish Earrings. 

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